Roly Poly Magic

Roly Poly’s are magic. They have always fascinated my children. This post from July 2010 was fun to look back on when my kids were 4,3, and 1:

While it was still cool earlier this month, we found the best place around our house to hunt for roly polys. The kids had a great time catching them and making an “aquarium” (as Ellie called it) to watch them. (By the way, roly polys are pretty quick, so we had to stay on your toes to catch one.) Yet another great way to have an inexpensive summer activity!

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Okay, I think this is the teacher in me, but for any of you who are interested, here are some really cool facts about roly polys:

*live under rocks and logs and roll into a ball when disturbed.
*go by many names including roly-poly bugs, pillbugs, woodlice, tiggy-hogs, parson-pigs and by their scientific name, Armadillidium vulgare.
*are important for their part in decomposition, but they are not bugs. They are crustaceans. They are in the isopod family (same pod or foot) and have seven pairs of legs that are all similar in size and shape.
*have simple eyes, three body parts, uropods, and a pair of prominent antennae, gills and lung like adaptations.
*need moisture to survive but cannot live submerged in water.

(Read more: Roly-Poly Bug Facts)

And here is proof just today, Sweet Tart at 3, that the magic lives on: