Don’t Miss Out!

At the end of May, I moved my blog to a new self-hosted site.  Since then, I think some of my subscribers have been missing out.  When I made the change, all of my subscribers by email did not transfer with everything else.  If you want to continue to be able to get updates via email, please go to my new BringItBecky blog and subscribe on the right hand side bar of the Home page.  You can also follow me on my new Facebook Page.  I have a What’s In the Bible dvd giveaway going on until June 27th and I’ve had several other posts and reviews since then.  I would hate for anyone to miss out!


BringItBecky’s New Home

BringItBecky has movedto!

All the credit goes to my big sister, a sweet, selfless graphic designer mother of 4 who helped me change the layout, graphics, and concept.  BringItBecky will continue to bring resources, reviews, and reactions to help busy families make the most of their time together.  Be on the lookout for new posts, partners, and even some fun giveaways. Please visit my new address!  I hope you continue to enjoy my posts.

Changes Ahead!

BringItBecky is moving and shaking-lots of great things happening right now. I’ve got some fun things in the works for this summer.  I can’t wait to make some very cool announcements.  Be on the lookout for some BIG changes right after Memorial Day!!!

Shopping for Free

Getting books at the library scratches my shopping itch and I don’t have to spend a dime! I can go in and browse (on the rare occasion that I don’t have any kids) or I can go online, reserve, and pick up. I LOVE the self-check out stations too! This is a collection of books I’m taking on our upcoming trip to Louisville, Kentucky.


Don’t…Step Into My Office

I believe in personal growth. I have a daily reading and listening goal. (Read for 15 minutes or a chapter and listen to a podcast and/or continuing education mp3 respectively.) How do I do this? Step into my office. Or not.

I’m not trying to conjure up any unpleasant images but, my tiny master bathroom is my office.

My office

It’s where I read, listen to podcasts/CEU’s, it’s where I pray, it’s where I think. Unfortunately, the door doesn’t quite close and therefore, doesn’t quite lock. Sometimes, I have to hold the door shut with my foot or hand from little people who need Mommy NOW. (It’s like phone time. The exact time I’m in the bathroom is the exact time when they have a question or need me to open a snack bag or cut a random hanging string off a sock.)

Some day…

Dream Office

this WILL be my office/library where I can have LOTS of quiet prayer, study, think-tanking, blogging. Why? Because my children will be older and they may not need my immediate attention. They will be out of the house, but welcome in any time day or night. I’ll be craving for them try to burst in the door for help. (Just another reminder to myself, that even though I have to fight for a few minutes to myself, I still have to fight to enjoy the moments I am living in right now. There will be plenty of alone time in the future.)

I am still going to take my 15 minutes where I can find them. {I love my kids, but minimal personal space is cool too.} So, for now, don’t step into my office.