My Little Morning Helpers

When I was little, I had a security blanket. It was pink and so soft and, even, more importantly, my mom made it for me. Carrying it around made everything feel better. It enhanced my good times and comforted me in bad times. (Confession: it actually made it to college with me and into my first home with Aron after we got married. It met its untimely demise when our boxer chewed and shredded it to bits. I still have the tattered remains. I am realizing how strange that sounds as I type this…)

As an adult, I still have “security blankets” that I like to call “My Little Helpers” – just some things I put to work EVERY day without fail to make things a little more bearable and functional.



I usually make 4 cups of coffee, and drink a big mug in the morning. I take it with flavored cream, enough to make it tan and delicious!

I LOVE Kahve coffee in House Blend. I’ve tried most of their coffee, but this is my favorite for the morning. It’s got the best flavor and one good mug is strong enough to give the pick me up I want. I also love Kahve because I order it online and it gets delivered straight to my door.

20130509-135925.jpg I always feel more confident and cozy if the mug I’m drinking out of is cute. My mug has to be big enough that my finger tips don’t touch when I clasp my hands around it. This one is from West Elm.

I don’t put make up on my face every single morning, or even take a shower, but, like my mom taught me, I take care of my skin. My skin {hearts} ARTISTRY. I already use the Time Defiance stuff with the anti aging properties. I pamper my face, neck, and my eyes and it only takes 5 minutes.

Here’s my routine and, also… my morning face. These aren’t professional Before and After’s, the lighting isn’t the same in each picture (apologies to my fellow melancholy friends), but I’m pretty sure the results are clear, especially around the eyes and forehead. I always get a better start when I feel like I have a fresh face (and fresh breath.)

AHHHH! This is my starting point. Gasp.

This is after using the Time Defiance Cleanser. I also like following up with a toner. FRESH!

This is where my face gets REAL happy! I dab some Lifting Eye Creme under my eyes with my ring finger. It really helps make those fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness settle down. I follow that with the Essentials Alpha Hydroxy Serum which exfoliates and smooths and gets my skin to the right texture if I want to use foundation. I think this makes the most dramatic difference in the whole routine and that’s why these are my two absolute favs.

I always use a moisturizer or foundation with SPF in the morning. I have really dry skin and fair skin. This is the Time Defiance Day Time Creme.

Just for balance’s sake, here is my face totally done with some concealer, tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow, mascara, and blush.

If I get a cute mug of good coffee and a fresh face in the morning, I feel so much better! Watch out World! Here I come!

{Most of these “good goods” are items that can be found in my online shop, I used them and loved them even before I started selling them. I just made the decision to make some money from things I was already buying…I am excited about sharing them because they WORK and because helping people find products and services that they need has allowed me to be able to stay home as my kids grow up, a childhood dream/goal.}


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