I turned 25 for the 8th time at the end of April.  I’ve started noticing some changes in my body, mainly with my eyes: I’m not seeing distances clearly anymore.  I need “correction.”  I don’t like the idea of learning how to put in contacts everyday.  I think I want framed glasses.  I LOVE tortoise shell frames.  I found a fake pair of glasses in a style I think I’d like…and bought them…and wore them…in public.  (I just wanted to see what they’d feel like and if I’d want to wear them more than a day when I had a bunch of courage.)

This is so unlike me.  I used to care so much about what others, even strangers, thought of me. I’m changing as my years add up.  I’m not as hesitant anymore.

But seriously, what is it about these frames that make me want to take silly-faced selfies?

I sent some of these pics to my friends and said, “One step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a librarian…”  My sister said, “What are THOSE?”  I laughed so hard.

(I think they’re a too big, but I do like the style and color.)


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