Book Look

My husband knew I needed time to myself the other night, so I went to Barnes&Noble to relax. I got a small coffee and went right up to the “Christian Life” section, which is also surrounded by “Self Improvement,” “Psychology,” and “Biographies.” I was in my happy place for sure and did what I would now like to call a “Book Look.” I took pictures of the books I saw that intrigued me so I wouldn’t forget.

Books I want to read:




(I definitely want more info on some of these authors before I read, because I’m not just going to read anything, but all of these titles got my attention.)

Book I want to own for reference:


Book that I’m not sure about, but definitely tempting:


Books I own and want to read again by Mark Batterson:


Books I used to own and have no clue where they are and really miss and want to read again:


This is literally like three years of reading…we’ll see.


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