ABC Activty Sheets

When my two older children were little, I was very proactive in making sure that they had educational activities at their fingertips.  A few weeks ago, I was thinking about my youngest, Sweet Tart.  If I’m honest, I’m not sure that I’ve made the same effort with her.  I think I expect her to pick up concepts and skills by osmosis as she plays with her siblings.  (I forget to treat her as a three year old even though she sometimes acts older.) So, instead of beating myself up-so easy to do as a mom-I got on Pinterest for a few ideas.  I stumbled upon these FREE printable magnetic pom pom sheets from {Fab ‘n Free}.

I already had several of the “ingredients” from the road trip we took a couple of weekends ago, so I went to town.

free printables, super glue, Dollar Tree cookie sheet, magnet tape pom poms, sheet protectors, 1" binder

free printables, super glue, Dollar Tree cookie sheet, magnet tape pom poms, sheet protectors, 1″ binder

The most time consuming part of this project was cutting the magnet tape and gluing it to the pom poms.

Pom Pom magnets

I absolutely love these sheets.  They’re adorable and colorful and the kids watched me printing them out like it was a Disney movie.  They cheered for each new design.

ABC printables

The kids loved the finished product and I am so happy to have something awesome to do with my Sweet Tart.  So blessed to be at home with her and get her preparred for school.  {I am, after all, her first and best teacher.}

Finished product

{Storage:  Once all the printables were in sheet protectors, I decided to store them in a thin 1″ binder.  I’m putting the pom pom magnets in a pencil pouch in the notebook. Easy Peasy.}

This is also a great gift idea.  My twin niece and nephew are turning 4 this week and I’m sending this off to them as well.  I actually got the printables done at FedEx Kinkos as a time-saver.


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