Road Trip Superlatives

{This was the longest road trip we’ve ever taken with the kids and they did an AWESOME job.  The way home was quiet with a capital “Z.”}

Here are the results of all the road trip prep.  We used everything, but these were our favorites:

*Most Popular Activity:  Pizza Pan Magnets

*Best Quiet Time Activity: DVD paired with Dum Dums

*Most Participated in by All Passengers: License Plate game

*Best Activity In a Pinch:  Pipe Cleaners with beads/cut up straws

*Best Food on the Trip:  Smashburger in downtown Louisville

*Best Hotel Time-filler:  Hotel Scavenger Hunt (I literally made this up in five minutes with a little google help.)

*Best Activity for the “Are We There Yet” child:  Map in a sheet protector+Expo Marker AND Interstate BINGO board

*Best “Getting the Wiggles Out” Activity: Outdoor time (thank God for pretty weather) and the hotel pool

*Best Activity For a Laugh:  Mad Libs

*Most Read Books:  Duck Duck Moose by Dave Horowitz and Fred and Ted’s Road Trip by Peter Eastman


One thought on “Road Trip Superlatives

  1. The kids were fantastic mostly because they are fantastic kids but also because they have a fantastic mom who prepared for a long trip with great activities for them geared to their individual personalities. “Becky’s Baskets” should be marketed!

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