Spring Break at Home-Day 4


Today was Cleaning Day and I was hoping my kids would get behind being “big helpers.” I even made a white board chart with clearly stated objectives and positive reinforcement. I was hoping that I could whip the kids into a productive frenzy by offering to let them cross off each item as they finished. Instead of the “Spoonful of Sugar” scenario I envisioned in my head, I entered into the longest, teeth-pullingest hour of the week. Now to give them credit, they did all finish their “have to’s.” They also helped me with their bathroom (I’m thankful for my green, Legacy of Clean products that are safe for everyone to handle) and their vacuuming. Then they went downstairs and turned the kitchen into a classroom. They played school for about five minutes and then the refereeing segment of my day started. I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d get my work done, but after a time out for all of us and a cup of coffee for me, I got back on the ball and got all but the downstairs vacuuming and the outdoor sweeping done. Not too shabby.

I took them to Whole Foods and let them pick out some gelato and then we had dinner at Rudinos. A little backwards, I know, but everyone did really well. When we got home, I had them pick up and get ready for bed. Then we took out the sofa bed and watched Toy Story 3. (I literally cannot watch the ending of that movie without crying.)



Guess what still didn’t happen? Those poor eggs…



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