Spring Breat at Home-Day 2

Today was a busy day.  It was a MOPs morning and they provided child care not only for my preschooler, but my school-aged kids as well.  We all had a nice break from each other and our speaker today gave us some really great info today about Kindergarten readiness and many general parenting practices.  She let us in on some good resources, including this book:  How to Behave So Your Children Will Too by Sal Severe.  I’m excited about checking it out soon.  (I love the self-test on the back cover.  It made me LOL.)  The kids got to play, craft, and snack.  We all came home better for it.

MOPs 1MOPs 2

We had a simple lunch and then I brought out the craft box to attempt the “recipe” I found last night, Coffee Filter Flowers, on Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Craft box

Before I could get it together, the girls went off the grid and started to improvise with markers, clothes pins, and pom poms.

The clothes pins went from stripey worms to fuzzy caterpillars-a real metamorphosis.

We finally got to the coffee filter flowers and I realized I didn’t have a key ingredient for this recipe: the pipe cleaners.  Yet another opportunity for me to stretch my patience muscles.  They enjoyed coloring the filters with markers and spraying them with water to watch the colors run.  That was about the extent of that, but it was fun.

It was so nice, we went outside.  There was bike riding and running. My sister called and we met her and my nephews at the park for another hour.

OutsideOutside 2

Another great day.  Lots of crafting and Vitamin D.


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