Easter Confession

It was a beautiful Easter weekend. We watched Buck Denver’s What’s in the Bible Episode 10 on Friday morning-all five of us. As Phil Vischer masterfully told all his puppet friends about the trial and crucifixion of Jesus and I cried openly in front of my children. The way they illustrated how God saw Jesus as He hung on the cross with the sins of the whole world all over Him, how he died utterly alone, was heartbreaking. My husband and I went to a Good Friday service and had Communion. Aron took the kids to the museum so I could read and nap. I had every intention of dying the eggs with the kids…it didn’t happen.

Saturday, we cleaned the house to get ready for my in-laws visit and an wedding that evening. I don’t feel like I stopped moving, but it was a beautiful day-the weather, family, and friends. After bedtime, I got the kids’ baskets ready and decorated with some of the free printables I found on different blogs. Still, no dyed eggs…

Today, Easter Sunday, started out rainy and cool. I had bought a new dress to wear (white eyelet), but decided on a cardigan, white pants, and scarf. We went to our church to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, the greatest point in history, the hope of our faith. It was beautiful. We spent the remainder of the day at my parents’ house with my family and my in-laws. The kids had an indoor egg hunt and we ate an amazing meal. We watched Michigan crush Florida and Louisville defeat Duke. (We were shocked as we watched poor Kevin Ware’s leg break, to put it mildly.) We came home.

Confession: The eggs still sit in the refrigerator, white as the driven snow. Six out of the twelve are un-dyable due to little hands and curious hearts.



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