Obviously Not Obvious

I believe that Aron and I are our children’s first and best teachers.  I think a lot of parents don’t give themselves credit for how many things they’ve poured into their children before they become school-aged.  I think that effective parenting has got to be intentional.  Is that easy? No. It takes time and preparation.  Am I a professional, perfect parent who has it all together?  Ummmmm…no.  But I do spend time looking for and finding tools like books, audios, games, websites, DVD’s that supplement what Aron and I are  trying to teach our kids. I’m thanking the Lord for two resources that have made this Easter season amazing.

Our family found and loves Rise of the Guardians.


Now, even if you haven’t seen this movie, from the film’s poster, it’s obvious that an Easter message about Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection is not included in this movie.  The Easter Bunny is in this movie along with Jack Frost, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sand Man, and the Boogey Man.  (I wasn’t shocked and shaken that a movie coming out of Hollywood wouldn’t do this.  I’m not going to boycott it.)  There is SO much good material in this movie that even if the TRUE message of the Easter holiday is not obvious, we can still use it to teach our children important Biblical principles that we have chosen to live by. We have to use a little bit of critical thinking skills/creativity.  Rise of the Guardians opens the door for Aron and I to talk with them about the true Source of self-esteem, identity, purposeful living; about believing in the existence of evil, but not fearing it; about new life, new beginnings, and second chances.

I am not advocating using “teachable moments” as an excuse to put my kids in front of every single animated film that comes out.  I use my discretion and get advice from parents I trust. I am saying that there are tools out there that aren’t sold at the Christian book store that can benefit and support what we’re trying to accomplish at home.  It’s always a good policy to preview materials prior to the kids.  Obviously, you know your own kids the best.

Last year, I came across the What’s In the Bible series created by Phil Vischer.  This series of DVDs is a project still in the works, but basically, Phil and his team are working their way through the entire Bible, Old and New Testament, literally answering the question, “What’s in the Bible.”  We own the first 8 DVD’s.  We absolutely love them and ALL of us, Aron and I included, have learned so much.

If you want/need a resource that presents an obvious message of the TRUE meaning of Easter this Spring, please don’t hesitate to pick up the latest episode, Vol. 10 Jesus is the Good News, released this month.  I picked it up a couple of days ago and we’ve watched it a few times to prepare them for this weekend.


I’m a fan of Phil Vischer because he is so academic, but boils everything down into the simplest of terms so that my six year old can receive the information just like I can.  WITB addresses topics like how the Old Testament and the New Testament connect, why there was so much time between the end of the Old Testament and New Testaments, the four major groups of Jews that were around at the time of Jesus’s life on earth, and how, in Jesus, all God’s promises came true.

My three year old probably isn’t absorbing the definition of “synoptic” that Pastor Paul breaks out, but I know this:  God’s word never returns void.  She’s going to benefit from it down the road even if she doesn’t “get it” yet.  She sure loves the colorful, entertaining characters that WITB includes.  On the way home from preschool today, she asked if we could watch the “Jesus movie.”  She said, “Mommy, Jesus died on a cross with black bruises on his face.”  I said, “Yes He did.”

Both DVD’s are awesome resources to add to what you’re already doing this week.  Check ’em out!


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