Getting Down to Brass Tacks

I have been thinking about Philippians 4:6-9 over the past few days.  (I came upon this section of verses in my New Living Translation Bible that Aron gave me as a gift after a year of dating.  It’s definitely one of my prized possessions and it’s been with me now for about 14 years.)  I love this verse in many different translations (pictured above.)  My parents had this verse posted on our refrigerator at home. It was something that I was asked to write over and over again when I had done something rude or unseemly, basically contrary to the principle (only on one or two occasions).  It was one of the verses that I memorized as a Missionette to achieve STAR staus at my First Assembly church.  Needless to say, it was etched on my heart at a young age and it has been brought back to memory in times when I needed to be checked about what I was listening to, watching, or saying.    Philippians 4:8 gets down to brass tacks about the best things to think or meditate on.

Brass Tacks (not Tax, as I used to think): the most fundamental considerations; essentials; realities (usually used in the phrase get down to brass tacks)

I don’t look to it to give me a guilt trip but I see it as a reminder of the boundaries I have subscribed to in scripture, a realignment to the baseline I chose.  In my experience, when I stick to thinking on, enjoying, or being a part of things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy, I do feel more at peace.  I am not talking about not being aware of realities of life, but I am talking about not focusing on them or wallowing in them.  I am NOT a perfect person, but I am glad I have a baseline principle to come back to when I get off track.

I may start using those essentials of Phil 4:8 to start categorizing my posts…


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