Nostalgia, Thy Name is The Sound of Music.


I wasn’t feeling well today and needed something to watch while I was resting. I had to pick something appropriate for me AND my three year old. (That is no easy task.) I pulled out an oldy but a GOODY: the Sound of Music.

Flashback: When my family got our first TV and VCR in the mid 80’s, my parents put several VHS’s on our Christmas list. We received Disney’s Cinderella and Mary Poppins in those big, chunky, plastic cases. We also got the double VHS set of The Sound of Music. From then on, my sisters and I wore out that movie. Any time I watch it now, I can’t help but think of that old house on Watson Drive, my sisters, and my Dad and Mom’s voices singing.

I love the entire soundtrack, but my favorite song is “Maria.” And I love that it’s the song they play as the processional in the wedding scene.

I had a glorious time remembering today and love that I can pass down the love of these classics to my daughters. (Sweet Tart loved the marionette scene with “Lonely Goat Heard.”)


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