Phone Time Facts of Life

Phone Call 1 Phone Call 2

Isn’t this the best card? I have it clipped to the inside of my day planner for two reasons: 1. It makes me laugh and 2. It’s such a reminder of the season of life I’m in.

Fact: Part of having small children at home is that when you get a phone call or make one, that’s the time when the offspring decide to really come alive. We’re talking yelling, screaming, tantrums, food spills, explosions, bathroom accidents, and any other type of chaos you can think of. It is as if the sweet babes did not need you at any point prior but suddenly sense with their bat ears that you have swiped your iPhone “ON” and have touched the Phone app. Phone time is absolutely a kid magnet and I have been in the exact scenario that the card describes: enclosed in a small, dark space in order to have some type of adult interaction whether it be personal or business. It is what it is and what it is is frustrating AND funny!

One suggestion someone gave me was to put shaving cream on the refrigerator and let the kids draw in it while you’re talking. I think that’s actually a great idea!

What do you do to keep your kids occupied while you’re on a call?


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