Understand Your Kids’ Personalities

Understand Your Kids’ Personalities

Birds on a wire

I love it when I find helpful resources that boost what I’m doing.  Today, I’m highlighting a series of audios done by Karen Stubbs. She’s the founder of Birds on a Wire, a ministry to moms.  Last spring, she did a series about understanding your children’s personalities (or temperaments) based on the Personality Plus books by Florence Littauer.  My sister, Katy, is a part of that group down in Atlanta, GA.  She posted the link on Facebook and was raving about it.  Well, at that time, I was glad that she was enjoying it, but I didn’t see my need yet.  Around Christmas, things got a little crazy discipline wise and I needed help.

(Side-note: I know better enough now that if I don’t seek out help, that I’m just going to self-counsel and that’ll just get me nowhere REAL fast.  And I’ll be choosing ignorance over education…Blech. Not good.)

So, long story longer, I called up Katy and asked her to send me the link to those audios.  I listened and I re-listened.  I took notes.  Man! What a difference it makes to understand how I, as a Phlegmatic/Melancholy mama can effectively interact with my Melancholy/Choleric son, my Phlegmatic/Melancholy daughter, and the exact opposite of myself, my CHOLERIC/sanguine daughter (little Sweet Tart from my earlier post.)

I highly recommend you take a listen to these audios from Karen Stubbs and Birds on a Wire.  Sometimes, as a busy woman, it’s a ton easier to learn from an audio I can play from my phone, laptop, iPad, etc. than it is to find time to read.  Don’t stop learning, or reading, or seeking out answers!!! These audios were an amazingly practical help for me and my family.  I hope they add value to you and yours!

(Shout out to Katy McGuffey for giving me the link and to Karen Stubbs.  Even though we’ve never met, we’re tight.  Can’t wait to talk to her some day.)


2 thoughts on “Understand Your Kids’ Personalities

  1. Hey! Coolest thing ever – got to meet one of Karen’s older sisters this weekend (there are 4 sisters and she’s #3)! It was so cool to chat with her about being Karen’s sister and about being sisters, living far away from each other and close together. Just amazing!!!

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