It Has Always Been Big Stuff

It Has Always Been Big Stuff

Gut check for me on a Monday. Gah…what a fantastic reminder! How many times do I get bogged down in the tasks of everyday and say to my kids, “Just a minute?” Then that minute turns in to five, and then ten, and then I forget that they even wanted to tell or show me something. I have to remember to stop for a second, put the dish towel down, and come over to see their picture/book/smiley face made out of ranch dressing and carrot sticks. Usually it only takes a few minutes of my attention to fill their love tank and then they’re like, “Okay Mommy, you may go now.” And I can go back to finishing my dishes. It’s one of those “slight edge” things: easy to do, easy not to do, but in the end, it makes a big difference.

(Shout out to “random person” on Pintrest for pinning that gem!)


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