Is That a Worship Javelin?

Is That a Worship Javelin?

As far as church goin’ goes, I come from an Assemblies of God background . And yes, I went to a “hand raisin'” church. And I loved it. I am thankful that my parents brought me to church on a consistent basis so that the love of the Body of Christ is just part of me. If you went to an exciting church like mine, you may have spent any given Sunday staring down the pew at a visitor to see at what point in the worship service they either started to freak out or fall in love with what was happening.

This clip is of Tim Hawkins, an amazing comedian and musician. I love what he does because he’s real, not religious. He forces folks to laugh at themselves and really find joy in “the life.” Plus, he’s just plain HI-larious. Enjoy.


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