Listen Up!

Listen Up!

Nancy Alcorn jacks me up! (That’s a GOOD thing, y’all.) She founded Mercy Ministries in the early ’80’s for girls dealing with all sorts of hard issues like self-harm, teenage pregnancy, abuse, etc. She takes girls in free of charge, she takes no government funding, and she will not take any girl that doesn’t willingly apply to attend the program herself. She inspires me because of the work she has done over the last 30 years, because she knows God’s Word and wields it like the sword that it is and because she’s not religious. She’s also not afraid of telling the truth and setting people free. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Y’all, check out this audio and get to know Nancy and her heart for hurting girls and how she and everyone at Mercy Ministries are truly helping them transform and heal. (If you are the kind of person that knows the importance of investing in great programs, this is GOOD ground to sow some $eeds.)

You can check out this audio on or on iTunes under Nancy Alcorn.


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